Often denigrated, liberalism & conservatism have not been ideologies but curtains to hide behind. Umbrella terms as they are have been used at free will to argue to please a set who have a ‘common school of thought’. The sets (political parties & the intellectual groups) have made it their raison d’être to use these terms to be in power rather immaturely. Feudal families and autocratic individuals have had higher say in policy rather than a calculated, data driven and with excellent foresight approach.

Here is an attempt to document some of the definitions of what liberalism and conservatism.

Liberalism can be called the driver in chief for the polarization in ideologies. Conservatism has been the way the world works (barring India). There has been the Vatican with the goal of globalization of the religion it stands for. And then there is Islam which follows a less subtle way to globalize. They have replaced local cultures and civilizations. India on the other hand they could not conquer. They have converted a few here and there, but the civilization, ‘pagan’ as this kind is referred to has survived the various onslaughts of foreign forces. It has not stopped. As popular culture reflects, communism has become a major threat, using its common man agenda has created terror of a different kind. Only they call war- revolution.

Coming back to the original point, there are various facets of liberalism in context of India.

  • Economic liberalism- The Darwinian kind of economics, which is capitalistic. Inherently that is the goal of liberal economics, it has been often remoulded to socialistic ways, wherein the state makes ‘socio-economic ‘ policies and orchestrates how the market behaves. To put it more clearly, minority segmentation for sure shot fan following has taken over long term economics
  • Culture liberalism- Liberal arts or rapid aculturalization. Often it banks on judiciary to support individual choices of a few elite to twist logic to accommodate . Eg. Elite-Feminism…
  • Religion liberalism- Secularism as its called has been a bane to say the least. Religious identity has taken over talent. Equal opportunity has been replaced by reservations using lab-manufactured-history. Minority appeasement has become the means to send this message across.

Wider implications of these 3 include shallow understanding of the history, culture and religion creating fence sitters with no opinions. Worse, it is reflecting in our foreign policy as well not forget domestic policies. Even corruption, the hallowed crime in India is a fruit of Nehruvian socialism where the state controlled how business was done. As a result, Adharmic ways came into how business was done and not to forget the state with its employees. This created powerful families, rather than creating mature corporations. Mafia and crime became the means in chief to be in a position of power. Incompetence is no longer a problem as the state can accommodate everyone and in positions of power. National security has become an  issue and why? Our education is a no-brainer. The elite get good education and poor are told to reach the echelons of good education one needs money. And people who actually get decent(not too good not too bad) education are the ones who form the middle class aka the fence sitters; who have no say in anything.

If you look at conservatism, it has become what liberalism is not. I would say conservatism is a corrective mechanism to what liberalism has become. We need to understand that conservatism is not the rule of majority over a minority, but a way to correct the myopic ways of socialism.