This article spawned off from one of the FB discussions. Everybody loves talking about the end of the world.  Some say 2012, based on the Mayan calender. Some say that global warming is the one which will sound the final ode. How about nuclear holocaust? Or a World war III, which I believe is in human control.

Lets face it, earth has not been the same forever right? As I have read, it was inhospitable at first. Then some ages came in. There have been tectonic dynamics effecting the population, meteoric hits wiping out the erstwhile dinosaurs. And the pitiable dinosaurs did not even do anything to get themselves wiped out.

The guilt of Industrial revolution

The industrial revolution is the biggest culprit which has  created modern day ‘evils’. Look at education, recent times wars, global warming etc. The perpetrators of industries have been twisting these to accommodate their business. So lets shut down ford, toyota, boeing, microsoft, infosys and hold these industry people for the evils they have bought upon us. No. In fact they are our heroes, remember unemployment as an evil in our social science text books. And the recent recession where the media went haywire and claimed ‘Unemployment has been the highest since the middle ages’. And they also claim that pollution is the biggest problem in this world. The need of the hour is not campaigns against end of the world, but systematic investments in alternate sources of energy and scientific methods to mitigate the risks development brings in.


Everybody has an agenda and wants to fulfill it. What is expected out of climate guys? Give shocking statistics on how badly we have fucked the world! Media is worse. Dilute scientific  data to suit the understanding of the common man and voila better TRP ratings, increased circulation! The media is powerful and now they want to rub it in our faces. Play god! After Page-3, crime, they have found a new found love, nature. It works right, everybody wants to live in clean serene environments; use that, leverage that.

Of target consumers

This is the biggest fallout of the environment going awry. Scare the shit out of people.  Watch this for more