Well sports has been the forefront of character building in modern age. Back in my college day I heard a tag line for sport event – ‘Not games, but sports’. Well, how are they different? For a words purist, there is a lot of difference. Like probable and possible. Both involve the common action- playing and not to forget winning or losing. Nothing beats the time when we spent hours under the hot sun topping it off with a brawl.

It teaches you limitations, it teaches you to push, it teaches you to remain silent, it teaches you to stand up, it teaches you that sometimes chips will be down, it teaches you to savor time at the top, it teaches you to celebrate, it teaches you to congratulate, it will teach you that you are good at something and bad at a lot of other things. Beyond all this, there is just the joy of playing!

Unfortunately now sport has become commercial in all the bad ways possible. A business where performance matters again with negative connotations. Back in the days, like most kids I wanted to play cricket for India; now i am just happy that I am not (not that i had the slightest chance). Now there are coaching class, personality development programs, leadership programs. You know how you could help your kids, leave them alone, let them play or not play.

Even people who do not play any sport experience learning from sports. It tells them that there are other things to do and do them well. Unlike now where systematized outcasts are created by giving facilities which just occupy time and not doing anything more. Naturally people pick up things that they are good at and that is where the power of choice comes in.

It gives us heroes, not by reading about them or by hearing about them but wanting to emulate them. Look at the whole cheer girl setup of present day (context of IPL). Cheers girls were not skimpily dressed because they can satiate the frustrated male but they were as fit as the sports persons were and the attire simply was a necessity.

Look at the beautiful sport of basketball, a victim of populist agenda. It is not alone though; pretty soon most sports are going the same way, thanks to interaction between each other.

Bring back the sport people! I know the joy of a good game and I am sure there is a whole bunch which wants to see real games and play real sports!