Following blogs is what I have been doing for sometime now. I have written some, most experimental. As they say ‘handle with care’ is what it is. I have admired a few bloggers who for their clarity, their regularity.

Sandeep is expert for me(for manifold reasons). His insightful writing has ringed some bells in my head. Some complain that he vents his spleen on his blog(Certainly not my opinion);(lets consider he does) but is he to blame for that? The answer is a big no. I will leave it to others to figure out why he is not. Some of his critiques have attacked his writing, some his way of writing. Often the comments result in a war of rights and wrongs.

This made me wonder as to why people doing a lot of in-fighting. Why blame your own folk, call them impolite when the whole world is blatantly wronging them or their own folk? It is in fact quite vividly seen that most of these arguers are educated and also have evolved over generations of people ruled by the Moghuls and then the British.

Traditionally, we have become spineless and we are staring down the bottomless pit of self loathing pushovers. That is the new us.

Question now is to understand what has caused it, so that we can set it right.