Here I am again, on the brink to nothingness. My life can be broken into pieces of 4 years, maybe 5 and can be given a chapter name to go with it. What is unfortunate is that every time I am near the end of an ‘era’, I have nothing to take along with me. I am wiser only because I did a lot of not so great things.

Our decisions are not our decisions, but circumstantial. None of us understand what we are good at. There is a whole bunch of things that we need to know and more often we tend to not know. We need more structure.

We need more systems in place, that will guide students.

We need a better ecosystems, much more vibrant. We need development everywhere and not have ‘talented’ people making forays into newer paths.

As the old saying goes, Jack of all trades and master of none, and that is what we are.

As a typical successful elite educated, a good job holding person in India is a B school grad or an Engineer. Then there are business men or people abroad. But the formers on a ‘average’ tend to do better than most.

Take B school grads, typically engineers, most going to elite schools with a English upbringing and they would have studied physics or math but not really the best at it. Nor are they good at the engineering, thanks to whole array of reasons. Then business. 2 years. A bit of everything.

We need experts. People who are good in things they do. Will we hire someone who can do everything but rather poorly? A plumber and a say a mechanic. That is simply not possible, we cannot acquire all skills. If that is the case we will have to revert to aristocratic means.

We need people to study and explore. Experiment and theorize. We need a support system which will showcase things that are present and help students to make these decision of choosing, in the background.

And it has to be from bottom up, not when the student is 30 and is confused as to where he/she will land up.

How do we get to having such a system?

A willing Government and knowledgeable pragmatic people, who are patient yet dreamers.