While having a lazy mid – afternoon lunch at office, wherein we talk about anything and everything just to kill time, we discussed movies. Here are the FAQs

Bollywood movies are not reality and hence people watch it, nobody wants to see something real

This is one of those arguments which piss me off.  Reality is know to no one. None. As hard as we try, we can never know. If we knew it, we would plan to alter it. That is why there are experts in certain fields. A yogi, a doctor, a physicist, a historian, a film maker,  a baker, an author etc etc. I mean if  we knew what each of these people do in their everyday life, some would stories to us. The agenda of struggle through life for the mall going, KFC eating, car driving etc is a self created pitiable story, a struggle. What reality have we seen and what stories do we know? These shallow unoriginal reasons to escape reality is a mere travesty that is best ignored.

Popular opinions makes these movies a grand success

This is just the immediate fallout of democracy. Politics and Art are 2 very different things. Most people in India are agriculturalists and live in the villages, does that make it pertinent to go to these villages and till the land and sow the seeds. (clarification: this is not a dig at farming, for once who love jumping to conclusions). Movies offer a lot more, a look at stories, a summary of collective imagination and a brew of observations!

Realistic movies offer solutions

Nobody offers solutions. And if they do, they are being rather communist about it. Knowledge alone does not solve problems. And it is art, it is meant to entertain, if they show problems and offer solutions, you are watching a page 3- commie movie.

Watching foreign movies is super cool

Yeah right. So is living on Mars. But you cannot just bitching about movies made locally. Good ones come too and you got to be aware of that.

Movies reflect the overall sentiment of the society

This is crazy. Our movies are nowhere near undramatic lives that we live. Nor do we we live the meager life that the liberal movies showcase. It simply does not. Period