Over the years, as I have indulged myself , shamelessly, almost on the planes of addiction, drawing enough ‘expertise’ in concluding which often explain themselves in very tangential ways.

While I sit and observe and put up explanations  on the table, the world seems to have moved on just a little bit ahead. Every single time. This often results in the front-runner-follower syndrome. To snap out of it, a different perspective is all one needs. And if these perspectives reach a critical mass, they as a collection will probably be called wisdom 🙂

People, 9 out of 10 complain. Or even more. And a large number of them say that they are bored. In a way we were raised to be ever bored. Such were the times. Excitement of the new often outweighs the existing ‘monotony’. If this is one end of spectrum it manifests as the ‘ever-excitement’ in some, typical to people who have made decisions of greater magnitude, or so they assume.

There is unfortunately no cure for boredom. Channelize it, you schmucks 🙂 Thank enough, that you are bored!

The ever-excited get back the bald-blue! Invite boredom into your life.

And as they say, no matter what life just goes on, no matter how you feel. It’s what you do that counts.

– Gyaani Weedy!