The expensive hobby which people like showing off. In most cases people cannot click to save their lives but they do exhibit their lenses and a DSLR. Weird photos are called art. Angles which make no sense are called new point of views. Narcissistic self portraits are ‘liked'”. The camera journeys through exactly 5 treks, a 10 minute one to an hour long ordeal into the wilderness, that is time away. Honeymoon, the better half can be missed, but not the image taking, time freezing equipment. If all the 3 are found together, then overtime clicks and umpteen poses orangutan, hands on the face, the face eating the sun (well, it is possible. Practice makes man perfect), the waterfall pee and the others. Photoshop means all of the above + more likes.

Click, click and upload on Facebook, Twitter, Chat rooms, dating sites etc. Update and like karma hits you and you reach one step closer to salvation. Nice pic. Whoa! Looking pretty. With some customary punctuation and some parenthesis, eg: [:), ;P]. After counting the likes, like the other photos. Return the favor. Once in a while put up the heroes photos to break the monotony, preferably from a movie release or the movie yet to release. Karma points++

Next organize photos, by date, by friends, join by happiness quotient. Sort it by importance. Take a backup. Curse Microsoft for making Windows and accentuate it when the Blue Screen of death hits you. Jog back the memory to see what you did at what gathering. Show it to people who show immense interest in your life, your kids, your house etc. Once in a while take an old pic and upload it to the social networks.

There was a time when photos meant something. A photo in the wallet really meant something. Or a wall hanging or a show piece actually made you go back to the time gone by.

As a hobby, you spent time with the camera clicking nature or other things and went through the pains of learning the physics of photography.

Like everything else, lets overdo and kill it. Video you are next!