There was a time when I want to scribble something, an itch to write pages,  to talk endlessly; visualizing those heroic acts, those brave confrontations and the time of our lives. Last time it was Anil Kumble, now it is Rahul Dravid.

Dravid’s cover drive, his pull, his on drive, his square cut, his flick and many more of defense and leaving the ball alone were only the visual beauty of his game. Perfection, that is what he aimed for. It showed. Persevering to be better all the time. I guess that is what it is all about. To be better. He was never rewarded enough. And criticism never was too far away either. But he was always a gentleman. On and off the field. Guess, his retirement in way shows us the way of life. But it is those circumstances, those games, those heroic acts which will never escape the memories etched in us.

Dravid is a hero. A wounded one at times. And he has fought back always. An inspiration to the way of life. A genius who struggles at times. An artist so involved. A warrior and yet to so human.

Dravid, has been a treat. But it is the Dravid who has helped when we have felt a little scared and a little helpless. And will continue to be that source of inspiration. Hats off!