The common man

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Who the hell is this common man?

What defines a common man?

Does the wealth define whether he comes under this common bracket. Or is it his action or inaction that define common?

Statistically speaking using the percentile methodology we can clearly demarcate who is common and who is not.

But the ones who claim to be common are not so common and ones who are common do not make the common noise.

Stop complaining you uncommon commons. Look around you are uncommon. The uncommon folks on the other hand will remain uncommon with additions every period.Good. But the additions to common as a percentage is far higher. So growth rate keeps the uncommon uncommon and the common common. The sets are kept honest.

If the uncommon knows the common, and the uncommon become uncommon by fair means in the common then we are are on the right track. Else god save us!




The road less travelled

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I don’t know if this is ever going to make sense.

The road, people populated, is what makes the journey worthwhile.

The funnel:

There are shortcuts, most take them. So there goes a set of people who you will never see again.

Then there are these people who are in a hurry, those big brawny vehicles, zipping past you.

Nobody stops, they keeping turning away or going past you.

Some of us follow, some of us accelerate to join in on the race, exceeding speed limits, breaking rules.

The journey goes on.