Of all the words that I have wasted, talking and writing, this might end up as the zenith of them or join the pile in all its glory. A long time back, I had written an  introspective post and its funny why I do things that I do(read: getting an audience).

Will try to keep this post simple and clean. This is what I have mustered to pick up over a prolonged duration.This is a post talking about the todo’s and don’t for a newish professional or a finalist as the title suggests.

  • Do not study immediately, unless you know what you are getting into. Do not change geographies, field of study or anything else. In simpler words, stick to what you have studied.
  • Do not procrastinate or compromise when you are unhappy at a particular work-place or anywhere else.
  • Take a job, that gives you enough spare time and just pays you enough. Take it easy. Young achievers, come back later in time, sometime.
  • Do something creative. Pick up a hobby. Photography, Theatre, Music etc.
  • Travel. Make it a point to go around where ever you are. Travel from work is good too. But let that not dictate your choice of stay.
  • Explore but… There are often conflicts with what you want to do, with what you have done in the past and what the social circle does. It is like double edged sword. Exercise caution. Look inwards if you think you have explored way too much already
  • Stay in touch with friends. Critical. But do not take them for granted. It often ends up in bitterness.
  • If you feel you are underachieving at work or while studying, do not take words of any 2nd person. You have to figure it out.
  • Stay in touch with your past, while planning the future. And remember the present is past while it was future, just while you are reading this line. (Aha!)
  • Define your values. If they contradict each other, fix them up. But never let go.
  • Drive the melancholy out of your life. The more information you consume, it sure will only increase. (How? I have no idea)
  • Do not imitate, copy or go by the standards. Compare but do not criticize neither yourself nor others.
  • Do not hesitate if you are in trouble to talk. Friends or parents or a doc.
  • Try to fix up things in your life. No one can work or be happy in chaos. Many a times this might sound immature or embarrassing. The more you do not fix the more inefficient you become. Do not leave anything to chance. It never works.
  • Work on getting a career path
  • Work on relationships. Serendipity is great on the silver screen (Gosh!)
  • Put up goals, realistic while challenging
  • Know your comfort zones, happy places…
  • Take it easy, which is not easy

Finally happiness is elusive. So one has got to work on it. (It is not on the inside, nor is it on the outside, but it is just out there. And have to find it.)  Its hard for some us and it is easy for some of them. That is the way it is!

Any stumbling points you encounter, people may or may not understand that, even if you tell them. Neither their fault, nor is it yours. But you got pick yourself up, work on it.Take control of the situations.

If nothing works, take a chance, live a little!